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The School Initiative 
"Connections Before Lessons"

About The School Initiative 

The Back Story 

The School Initiative began (TSI) as a tutoring program, under the umbrella of Reflections of Greatness, LLC, in 2017. We also offered career readiness and leadership courses, taught by the founder. As the program matured, Dalkesha noticed detrimental gaps within schools that created a lack of motivation among students, poor academic achievement, and increased burnout among teachers. This prompted her to develop a full-service educational development company , to fill in the gaps that schools are struggling to maintain.

What is TSI? 

An educational development company created to help bridge the gap between students and teachers by providing innovative curriculums, teacher development training, tutoring services, classroom management strategies, student career readiness courses, and providing teacher aides.


To build learning environments that foster better educational outcomes, strengthen student development, and help restore passionate teachers.

Why Should You Choose TSI?

We are a full-service educational development company that aims to create better schools, educators, and academic opportunities for all students.  Our clients will receive the assistance they need to grow personally and professional. Our staff members are compassionate, helpful, creative, and strive to create the best experience for our clients. TSI is a helpful resource for schools, institutions, parents, educators, students, and community leaders.

What We Offer


  • Curriculum Writing/Development

  • Tutoring (K-12th)

  • Instructors and Teacher Aides

  • Career/Leadership Readiness Courses

  • Student Academic Development


  • Cultural Sensitivity

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Nonviolent Crisis Intervention

  • Professional Development Coaching

  • Teacher Development Coaching

Schools/Organizations Dalkesha Has Worked With

Cincinnati Public School District / Cincinnati Job Corps Center / Phoenix Charter School / Trinity Safe Haven / Future Generation Leaders of America / Ohio Media School

Let’s Work Together

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