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Are You Ready to Make A Commitment to Yourself?

Coaching is a service centered around helping people to create better futures for themselves. The focus is about meeting the client where they are, in life, and helping them to get to where they want to be (READ THE TESTIMONIALS BELOW). 


As a life coach, I am commitment to helping my clients move past challenges and obstacles that are hindering them from elevating to their next level in life. My goal is to help clients find their inner greatness and show them how to use it to achieve their personal goals. This is accomplished by teaching them about the power of self affirmation and positive thinking, along with other tools and strategies . I specialize in health/wellness, grief/loss and personal development coaching. 

It's time to take your life to the next level. If you are ready to make the commitment to yourself and no longer allow life to pass you by, then sign up today for a FREE 30 minute consultation. CLICK HERE 

Professional Development Coaching

A service for those who want to advanced in their career or trying to establish one. If you are stuck in a rut and/or unsure of the right career choice, this service is for you.


  • Need to sharpen your career readiness skills

  • Struggle with leadership 

  • Stress management

  • Time/organization management 

  • Career guidance 

  • Constantly being overlooked for advancement 

Personal Development Coaching

A service is for those who are looking for overall growth in their life. They want to take their life to the next level but they are unsure of what steps to take.

  • Need goal planning tools and assistance

  • Build self-confidence/self-esteem

  • Struggling with life-balance (i.e. work, school, personal, parenting)

  • Feeling stuck and lost

  • Mentally, emotionally  and/or physically drained​

  • Struggling with personal identity

One-on-one and group coaching sessions are available. 


I am a very reserved person, and I do not like to talk about things that bother me. However, Ms. Bryant was able to work around my self-constructed walls, to uncover my innermost struggles and fears. More importantly, she tackled this major task with the high level of patience, compassion, and persistence. She gained my trust and walked with me through my healing. I will be forever grateful. Brandi, Ohio

Although I am a new client, I really enjoy my sessions. Working directly with the CEO of Reflections of Greatness I've been able to learn new ways of thinking and valuable tools to be successful in life. Also learning how to set small goals for myself one day at a time. Miss Dalkesha Bryant is a pleasure to work with she's very relatable, professional and is willing to work with you. Carmella, Ohio

I give Dalkesha's coaching services 5 stars. Kurt, Ohio

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