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About ROG

The Back Story 

Reflections of Greatness, LLC was established in 2016. Initially, it was a career development company that offered coaching services for adults. As Dalkesha Bryant (CEO) began to establish her career in teacher, she realized she needed revamp the company and change focus to education. Therefore, R.O.G. started offering tutoring services for students in grades K-5th. As the company evolved and Dalkesha became more involved in the field of education, the vision of R.O.G changed. By combining her skills and education in coaching, teaching, and curriculum development, Dalkesha was able to turn R.O.G into a full service educational development company. 

What is R.O.G? 

Reflections of Greatness, LLC (ROG) is an educational development company created to help bridge the gap between students and teachers/administrators by providing innovative curriculums, teacher development training, tutoring services, classroom management strategies, student career readiness courses, and effective teacher aides.

R.O.G's Mission

To build learning environments that foster better educational outcomes, strengthen student development, and help restore passionate teachers.

Why Should You Choose R.O.G?

We are a full-service educational development company that aims to create better schools, educators, and academic opportunities for all students.  Our clients will receive the assistance they need to grow personally and professional. Our staff members are compassionate, helpful, creative, and strive to create the best experience for our clients. R.O.G is a helpful resource for schools, institutions, parents, educators, students, and community leaders.

What We Offer


  • Curriculum Writing/Development

  • Private Tutoring for Grades K-5th (tutoring for higher grades coming soon) 

  • Instructors and Teacher Aides

  • Career/Leadership Readiness Courses

  • Student Academic Development


  • Cultural Sensitivity

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Nonviolent Crisis Intervention

  • Professional Development Coaching

  • Teacher Development Coaching

Schools/Organizations Dalkesha Has Worked With

Cincinnati Public School District / Cincinnati Job Corps Center / Phoenix Charter School / Trinity Safe Haven / Future Generation Leaders of America / Ohio Media School / K.E.L.L.Y Youth Services

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