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Dalkesha Bryant was raised by her mother, in a low-income neighborhood, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Although she was faced with several challenging barriers, Dalkesha aspired to be greater than the chaos occurring within her community. It was only a matter of time before she found her niche in counseling and education, and once she did, it became the source of her success.  

As Founder and CEO of Reflections of Greatness, LLC, a coaching development company, Dalkesha provides personal and professional coaching services to help others overcome challenges and create their ideal lives. Through coaching, speaking engagements, and a self-published book, she has helped people to reshape their minds and ultimately change the outcome of their lives altogether. 

Furthermore, Dalkesha discovered her passion for teaching and established a career in the field, in 2017. While teaching career/leadership development courses, in the public-school sector, she quickly realized there was a disconnect between students and teachers. The disconnect had a major influence on student behaviors, teachers’ perception, and academic outcomes. Using her experiences, resources, and educational background, she created The School Initiative to counteract this problem. The School Initiative, an educational development program, focuses on bridging the gap between students and teachers by providing innovative curriculums, teacher development trainings, tutoring services, classroom effectiveness strategies, student career readiness courses, and qualified teacher aides. 

Since establishing her roots in the field of education, Dalkesha has taught at several public schools within Cincinnati, ranging from primary to post-secondary education. She focuses on fostering research and inquiry-based learning stylings within the classroom. She is also an advocate for student-centered teaching approach as opposed to the traditional teacher-centered approach. Dalkesha’s motto is, “connections before lessons". She believes the best educational outcomes occur when students' have positive, trusting relationships with their teachers. 

Dalkesha is currently working on her doctorate in education, while continuously working to build an entity that will help establish stronger foundations within our homes, careers, and school systems. These crucial building blocks are necessary because they fuel the success of our communities and the people living within them.

There is a famous quote by Rene' Descartes that states, "I think; therefore, I am." This is a quote that I have grown to live by. I started referring to myself as a CEO well before I ever became one. Always remember, you are not a product of your environment. You are a product of your thoughts. Therefore, change your mindset and you will change your life.



 - Dalkesha Bryant